Confronting anti- Semitism

Since 2009, the Jewish community of Moldova is constantly monitoring cases of anti-Semitism in Moldova and it takes active measures to investigate those.

For example, the Academy of Sciences came up with the initiative to proclaim 2011 - the year of Paul Goma (author of "Red Week", book which denies Holocaust), and regarding the proposal of the City Hall of mun. Chisinau to assign him the title of "Honorary Citizen of Chisinau" an official protest was sent on behalf of the Jewish Community of Moldova acting President of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. M. Ghimpu, Mayor of mun.Chisinau Mr. D.Chirtoaca, to the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. G. Duca. There were issued protest press releases to the media. In 2008 there was started a criminal case on the incitement of ethnic hatred related to the fact of publication and distribution of “Red Week” book.

Upon nomination of P. Goma as the nominee for the Nobel Prize in 2013 on behalf of JCM there were sent letters of protest to the Writers' Union of Moldova and the Nobel committee.

In 2013, upon the fact of “Holocaust victims” monument from Jerusalem street desecration there was sent a statement application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office.

In 2013, upon the fact of ancient Jewish cemetery in Chisinau desecration posted in the Internet social networks, JCM has prepared and sent statements to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor's Office. Statement applications were also submitted to the Police Inspectorate Buiucani mun. Chisinau, which dragged afterward a criminal case starting. As a result of this processes we have a verdict issued by the Court of Buiucani on delinquents conditional imprisonment.

More information on monitoring, you can find here.

The Jewish community of Moldova regularly participates in seminars and conferences on issues of discrimination and anti-Semitism in Moldova initiated by UN, OSCE and Council of Europe missions, as well as in those organized by the Ministry of Justice.

In November 2013 the Jewish Community of Moldova organized and hosted a conference "Anti-Semitism today: status and prevention." The conference resulted in a declaration sent to the government and diplomatic missions in Moldova. The declaration text on Russian is available here.

As a tool to confront anti-Semitism there are implemented a number of projects and programs aimed at education about the Holocaust among non-Jewish citizens of the republic thus also promoting development of tolerance in the society.

JCM together with the Coordination Council of ethnocultural youth organizations near Bureau of Interethnic Relations organized a flesh mob action to commemorate the "Kristallnacht" - Jewish pogroms that took place in Germany and Austria in 1938. More than 50 young people of different nationalities attended the action.

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